NC State Assembly Establishes Washington-Warren Airport Authority

For Release: 7/7/2022


NC State Assembly

Establishes Washington-Warren Airport Authority


Washington, NC— 7/7/2022What is next for Washington-Warren Airport?  Six months after the NC State Legislators entrusted the City and Airport with $20,000,000 in infrastructure funding for modernization and economic development, the Legislators announced on July 1st, the establishment of the Washington-Warren Airport Authority.  The current Airport Advisory Board members will become the first members of the Authority.

The legislation simply makes some of the temporary authority given to the Advisory Board written in the State Budget permanent.  The City of Washington remains the Airport Sponsor and retains ownership of all property and maintains financial oversite and backing.  City officials and the Advisory Board have expressed interest in the establishment of an Authority, but all were surprised at how quickly it came to fruition.  Representative Keith Kidwell introduced the bill.

City Manager, Jonathan Russell, and City Council liaison to the Board, Mike Renn, have expressed their support for all efforts that will enable the Airport to operate in a self-sustaining manner.


Contact: Earl Malpass

Airport designation: KOCW – (252) 946-3900

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