Welcome to KOCW! A Pilot’s Airport

Washington-Warren Airport (KOCW) exists to be a gateway to the City of Washington and Beaufort County, while being a beacon of premier service and hometown hospitality to the aviation community.

We can’t wait to serve you!

Why Choose Us?

Branded Shell Fuel

24/7 Jet-A and AV Gas

Jet A Fuel Truck

24/7 Pilot's Lounge

with WiFi, Quiet Room, TV & Vending

Complimentary Crew Car

Other Reasons to Stop at KOCW:

Pilot friendly airport that caters to General Aviation, halfway between New York and Miami, rental car pick up and drop off, well trained staff, convenient access to popular destinations and safety is hallmark at KOCW!

Our Amenities

Our Affiliates In Washington